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The NOV Rapid Rig™

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High performance singles rig The NOV Rapid Rig™ is an efficient “singles” land rig delivering maximum speed, safety, and performance in a compact, road- legal drilling package. Developed with a 250 ton hook-load capacity for shallow to moderate well depths, the Rapid Rig’s smaller size and self-deploying design allows for ease of transport and faster on-site rig-up. The rig design reduces crew size and accident exposure while providing a comfortable, efficient work environment. The Amphion drilling control system automates drill floor activity, giving the driller more control and awareness of the overall drilling operation. The Rapid Rig’s compact components and AC powered primary systems further reduce environmental impact at the well site. Specialized link tilt system and hydraulic elevator These two rig components reach out to lift pipe above floor. Stabbing guide and ST 80R iron roughneck This unit captures the tail end of pipe, followed by ST- 80R iron roughneck operation for pipe connection with maximum safety and efficiency. TDS-10SA AC powered top drive Delivers industry-proven reliable drilling performance and remains mounted in mast with block for transport while keeping drill line reeved in place. Smaller. Faster. Safer. • Highly effective “singles” rig utilizing range II or III drill pipe • Innovative design allows for easy rig-up/down using a single forklift; no cranes or gin poles • Simplified rig-up with minimized utility connections • Extremely mobile rig with just 17 (highway-legal) transport loads and less tubulars • Highly efficient rig with minimal crew required to operate • Utilizes the Amphion™ drilling control system